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Alpenbach is a team of skilled professionals, who find optimal solutions for each business partner and take your individual wishes into account.

We know the country-specific characteristics of different markets and give our business partners access to suitable products from reliable suppliers from all around the world.

Our Vision

We use our knowledge and experience to be your reliable partner in Trade and Engineering. 

We accomplish this through our optimal range of offers, versatile support and the cultivation of collaborative, highly profitable business relationships.

Our Mission

We provide access to safe, reliable and high-performance equipment and appliances to our customers and professionals.

Our Products

Air compressors, accessories, compressed air tools, consumables

Water pumps portable and stationary

Power tools hand-held and stationary, accessories, machine tools
Automotive supplies and accessories
Workshop and factory equipment
Welding and cutting equipment, accessories, consumables and protective helmets
High-pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners
Stationary and mobile power supply equipment
Measuring equipment and control equipment

Our Services

Social Responsibility​

Environmental protection​​

Alpenbach is making continuous efforts in the field of environmental protection. Taking responsibility for people and the environment is our constant aim in the definition and pursuit of our business objectives. We think holistically and sustainably. 

Therefore, we know about the influences, which our work has on the environment, and assume an obligation to create systems that are as environmentally friendly as possible. This is reflected in our focuses on reducing environmental pollution, the gentle use of energy resources, and the highest standards of quality. For us, environmental consciousness is a key factor in selecting and collaborating with our partners and suppliers.

Sustainability and reusable materials

Distribution is the core business of Alpenbach, therefore allowing us to step into a coordinating role between suppliers, partners and customers. Together we make active efforts to continuously improve our supply chains. Utilizing modern technology, we strive to further improve the use of resources and energy in our business processes. 

We select partners and suppliers who work by the principles of a circular economy. Their focus lies on the development and production of equipment and components, which are durable and can be reused or recycled to a large extent after use. The usage of sustainable resources for production is a fundamental component in this process.

Fair working conditions / No child or forced labour

Alpenbach is committed to protecting human rights. When selecting our suppliers, we are concerned with fair working and living conditions in the manufacturing countries. This includes a strict prohibition of forced or child labour. Transparency and compliance with international standards take the highest priority and is a key requirement for a possible cooperation with our company. 

With regards to sustainability in our collaborations we focus on the cultivation of trusted and long-term business relationships and active dialogue with our suppliers. This way we can assure that fair pay and safe working conditions are ensured throughout the whole supply chain.

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